HenBit Art

adding to the beauty of our world one Piece at a time

Henbit Art by Jan Powers

I stumbled upon acrylic pouring when I was searching for a fun artistic project for my daughter’s 30th birthday. The following winter, having been intrigued by the process, and having my own creativity stimulated, I just kept on pouring. I experimented with different paints and mediums, tried a number of techniques, and moved on from pouring on canvases to creating functional art in the form of serving trays. Then I ventured into resin pouring techniques too.
Jan Powers HenBit Art Profile
Jan Powers HenBit Art XL art deco serving tray with dark wave themed acrylic pour art
HenBit Art - red marbled acrylic pour art charcuterie board
HenBit Art - dark red swirled acrylic pour art on round black serving tray
My daughter played a significant role in the business I have today. Seeing my joy in creating, she encouraged me to participate in a local craft show. Thrilled with the response, I continued to expand my line of functional art and experiment with a widening array of techniques and materials.

Since that first show, I have participated in dozens of craft shows in the Philadelphia area, as well as developed partnerships with other designers, merchants and retailers. I look forward to interacting in-person again, but until then I’m happily creating in my studio, posting, selling, and creating custom pieces. The joy continues!

Learning New techniques

I use two different techniques: an epoxy resin pour and an acrylic pour. The epoxy resin technique uses high quality pigments mixed into the resin. The designs are part intentional and part organic making each piece unique. A heat gun and torch are used to move the resin and encourage cells to form. 

The acrylic pour technique is created by mixing quality acrylic paints with a medium to help them flow. The colors are then layered in a cup and poured out using a variety of methods to form cells and ribbons. No two pieces are the same even if the layering of the paints is identical. You can watch me use this method in the video on this page. 

Both techniques are finished with a durable, clear coat of resin (sometimes with added sparkle!) to ensure that it will be enjoyed for years to come.
HenBit Art Logo - Acrylic Pour Art Handcrafted Home Décor

So why HenBit?

Several years ago, I noticed a plant in the field behind my home with a tiny purple flower called Henbit. It didn’t seem all that impressive until I took a picture of it and zoomed in for a closer look. What I saw was a flower that is extremely delicate and intricately beautiful. The leaves, not to be outdone, are heart-shaped with symmetrically scalloped edges. This edible wildflower is a favorite of chickens (thus Henbit) and hummingbirds. It is also an important early source of nectar and pollen for honeybees. 

Henbit seems an appropriate muse for my work. Though small among the flowers of the field and easy to overlook, yet it has its place in adding to the beauty of our world.
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